We are strictly B2B operating wholesalers.

About Us

INTERIO is combined manufacturing and wholesale company. Our home market is Europe where we try to bring fresh and trendy home improvement items to over 400 million customers.
We are very ambitious and our idea seems to be working. Large retailing chains are selling our products under our own INTERIO DESIGN brand name. Our pricing is aggressive, the service is decent and Quality we watch very carefully. In coming years we want to become one of the major wholesalers of home improvement articles in Europe.

INTERIO works very hard to be the leading value-added supplier in the industry. We deliver value, customer service and operational excellence to our customers. Many of our products are today part of FMCG industry which we consider as dominant for future development in our trade.
INTERIO is following latest quality, ethical and moral standards in the industry and is regularly audited by independent supervisory institutions.

INTERIO should offer a wide range of trendy well designed yet affordable items of furniture and home improvement items to be placed on the most frequent points of sales on the market so that the majority of the customers are able to buy them either as an impulsive attraction or as a valuable long lasting products of use.

We constantly build up the network. We may have several opportunities being just perfect for you, perhaps on product development, manufacturing, logistics, sales or purchase.
The people you work with are also your friends. We take good care of our own. We are constantly on search for new talents.
We do believe that talent is key to growth and expansion. If you’re a driven professional with a proven track record in a dynamic environment with diverse cultures, please send your CV to
please do appologise that only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our HR management.